Tokenized economic interest in SpaceX (USPX Token)

Aerospace | Founded: 2002 | Valuation: $31b

SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. The company was founded in 2002 to revolutionize space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets.

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The security of our clients’ data is our top priority. Ambisafe and Orderbook take numerous physical, technical and organizational measures needed to safeguard the data. We are using all reasonable efforts to protect our clients’ information. You can read about our security strategy and how we perform authentication, private key management, monitoring and access control in this article .

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10 tokens track
1 SpaceX share
Initial price
Smart contract address
Minimum investment
$90 (3 tokens)
Base unit

Buy tokens before we raise $1M and receive an exclusive 4% discount for being among the first people to buy an economic interest of SpaceX on the blockchain!


$0 - $10k

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* Any information about SpaceX is gathered from publicly available sources and is not checked by the sponsors of the tokenized instruments nor endorsed by SpaceX.

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The most secure tokenization infrastructure provider. Launched 30 token sales, with 250,000 contributors and $300M raised in total.

Decentralized ICO platform with integrated KYC verification. Token sales will happen on its infrastructure.

Legal Partner, specializing in blockchain & securities law.


Andrii Zamovsky

Founder and CEO, Ambisafe

Andrii developed a university thesis on cryptocurrency prior to the release of bitcoin in 2010. He launched the first Bitcoin merchant service and the first multi-currency blockchain wallet. He is the founder of Ambisafe and Orderbook and an advisor at Propy. He also led the team that developed a prototype of blockchain-based voting system for the government of Ukraine.

Oleksii Matiiasevych

Ethereum Architect, Ambisafe

Oleksii is known in the blockchain industry for saving millions of dollars during the Parity Wallet hack and for identifying vulnerabilities in 12+ top-rated cryptocurrency exchanges. He has worked with several blockchain projects including Tether, Bitso, Propy and TaaS. Having developed hundreds of smart-contracts and Ethereum applications, Oleksii is currently the lead Solidity architect at Ambisafe.

Johnny Kartakov

Managing Partner, Ambisafe

Johnny co-founded 5 different companies across a variety of fields. He has served as Product CTO and CEO of several companies, with a focus on web development, gaming, lead generation, and startup execution. Johnny has played a critical role in growing the Ambisafe as a managing partner in Ukraine.

Jeffrey Sweeney

Chairman and CEO, US Capital

Jeffrey is a lifelong entrepreneur with extensive experience in leading firms with a forward-thinking approach. Currently Chairman and CEO of US Capital Global, Jeffrey is a keen supporter of technological innovations that can help to improve and grow the finance sector. Prior to being a financier, Jeffrey served as a principal and CEO of an aerospace manufacturing company. Jeffrey has also authored numerous articles in leading industry journals.

Charles V. Towle

Managing Partner, US Capital

A structured funding and corporate finance specialist, Charles has over 10 years of business development, asset management, corporate finance, capital markets, and business management experience. He sits on the National Board of the Commercial Finance Association, and is a member of TMA and Association for Corporate Growth. During is time as a managing partner at US Capital Global he has overseen the origination and closing of over $6B in transactions.

Julian Zegelman

Corporate Attorney, Zegelman Group

With 12 years of legal experience, Julian has has assisted numerous U.S. and global clients with legal issues at the forefront of the blockchain industry since 2014. His experience has focused on compliance for crypto exchanges, representing token issuers and purchasers in ICOs, AML and KYC compliance, and tokenized Venture Capital fund formation. He is also a founding partner of a $100M blockchain focused VC.



RAISON.AI is a smart-platform for managing personal finance, cryptocurrency assets and easy access to investment products.

Alexandre Sudadze


Mr. Alexandre Sudadze is a senior researcher and advisor with more than 6 years of experience in blockchain technologies. One of the first Bitcoin miner in Georgia (since 2012), crypto investor and entrepreneur. World Blockchain Association member. Teaching blockchain technology in Tbilisi IT-STEP academy.

Coffee Cup Ventures


Coffee Cup Ventures specializes on Digital Marketing exposure in FinTech, Blockchain and new emergent technology space. They focus on the target audience interests of the region in content, language translations, visual appeal and digital media accessed to ensure our visibility, new customer acquisition and brand recall.


Quantreq is a leading Cryptocurrency Capital Markets firm. Their business focuses on the institutional digital-asset markets including Prime Brokerage & Trading, Electronic OTC Order-flow Execution, Crypto Borrow/Lend and Fund Administration. Their firm has deep crypto fund experience with coins and tokens across an array of trading strategies.


Vertex Provides an OTC secondary market platform for digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Tokens no longer need an exchange listing to be traded. Vertex.Market is a peer to peer platform where users upload offerings and buyers can buy into such. Vertex guarantees each trade by either having the seller deposit a collateral or the “tokens to be sold”.

Miklos Kadar

Miklos Kadar and his team have consulted, and promoted many high value crypto asset deals.


BLOCKNOTE is a financial intermediary that offers limited counter-party risk for dealing with cryptocurrencies and decentralized digital assets. They will be the Escrow agent for the USPX sale.

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  1. What is a token? What is a Token Sale?

    A token is a particular cryptocurrency unit, issued on a blockchain. Usually tokens represent a real-world or digital asset or has some specific value in some applications and services. A token sale is an offering of tokens for selling to the eligible public, in compliance with all applicable laws, and in exchange for other cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin or Ether) or fiat (USD, EUR).

  2. What is the value of the token?

    Token represents a share in a fund that owns an economic interest in the shares of SpaceX. One token represents fractional share ownership with ratio 1:10 (10 tokens = economic interest in 1 share).

  3. Who can buy the token?

    Investors globally, based on applicable securities law in each jurisdiction. We are currently not servicing the United States, Japan, Singapore and Switzerland. If you are a citizen/resident of another country, you need to pass KYC and AML check.

  4. Is SpaceX issuing new shares for these tokens? Does the money go to SpaceX or Elon Musk?

    The fund created by Ambisafe and their partner is purchasing existing private shares of SpaceX on the secondary market. A token represents a share in the fund that owns the SpaceX shares and/or a derivative instrument in the SpaceX shares. SpaceX shares are currently restricted securities, meaning that they cannot be purchased on public exchanges such as NASDAQ or the NYSE.

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